A roadmap is a business planning technique that lays out the short and long-term goals of a particular project with a flexible estimated timeline. The roadmap of Advar Protocol articulates the vision and goals of the project with laid-out developmental milestones and a rough time estimate for achieving these milestones. For our community and users, this roadmap provides insight into the direction and vision for the Advar Protocol project and serves as a measure for the pace and success of our evolving projects.

Find below the strategic roadmap of Advar Protocol and be ready assured that the team will deliver.

🌝Q4 2021
☄️Build Initial Website ✅
☄️Create Social Accounts ✅
☄️Mint ADVAR Governance Token ✅
☄️Release the ADVAR Contract Scanner (Beta version) ✅
☄️Launch ADVAR Native Token ✅
☄️Launch ADVAR Beta Swap ⌛️
☄️Enable Staking of ADVAR Native Tokens ⌛️
☄️List ADVAR on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap ⏳
☄️Launch ADVAR NFT Marketplace (Bsc Beta version) ⌛️
☄️Build JavaScript enabled website and integrate ADVAR Contract Scanner in it ⏳
☄️Launch ADVAR Betting and Gaming platform (Beta version) ⏳
☄️Launch ADVAR Multi chain Contract Scanner (Tier based)⌛️
☄️CEX Listing ⏳
☄️Expand ADVAR Protocol Team ⌛️

🌝Q1 2022
☄️Announce ADVAR NFT Marketplace Cross chain ⌛️
☄️Enable ADVAR Native Token Cross chain compatibility ⏳
☄️Launch ADVAR Launchpad (Beta version)⌛️
☄️Audit and Launch of projects⏳
☄️Launch ADVAR token creation platform⏳
☄️Update ADVAR Betting and Gaming platform ⏳
☄️Add more Chains to the ADVAR Multichain scanner ⏳

🌝Q2 2022
☄️Launch ADVAR Advanced Swap ⏳
☄️Engage in more strategic Partnerships ⌛️
☄️Create a Database of Scammers and blacklisted addresses ⏳
☄️Establish ADVAR Crypto University ⏳

🌝Q3 2022
☄️Continuous Development of ADVAR PROTOCOL


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Advar Protocol

Advanced Research Protocol (ADVAR) is an innovative ecosystem of decentralized finance tools and applications.