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The word ‘Advarnomics’ is a portmanteau, made of two words: Advar and economics just like the generic word “Tokenomics”. So, Advarnomics is basically Advar Protocol’s economics or tokenomics of Advar Protocol. The tokenomics of any project shows the token’s total supply, maximum, and circulating supply as well as the different allocations that the project team has allocated to different segments.

Advanced Research (ADVAR) Protocol is an innovative ecosystem of decentralized financial tools and applications. This protocol and its projects seek to maximize security and rid investors of scams in the crypto space. Our flagship projects are the Advar Contract Scanner ( Beta), Advar Multichain Contract Scanner, AdvarSwap, NFT Marketplace, and play-to-earn game.

Below shows how the team has allocated the Advar Protocol token (ADVAR).

=> Token name: Advar Protocol

=> Ticker or symbol: ADVAR

=> Network: Binance

=> Token protocol: BEP-20

=> Token type: Utility

=> Total supply: 1 billion / 1,000,000,000 ADVAR
=> Old
Contact: 0x2725922990951b53ed0aaab655b17a40cac15d06

New contract for ADVAR V2


Token Distribution

Token Distribution of Advar Protocol

☄️Initial burn 40%
☄️Presale and Liquidity 15%
☄️Private sale 10%
☄️Milestone burns 5%
☄️Partnership and advisors 5%
☄️Team Wallet 5%
☄️Development 5%
☄️Staking rewards 5%
☄️Airdrops and promotion 5%
☄️Marketing wallet 5%

📊 Tokenomics

💰Buy TAX (6%)
☄️3% to liquidity
☄️1% to staking pool
☄️2% to marketing wallet in BNB

💰Sell TAX(15%)
☄️5% to liquidity
☄️1% to staking pool
☄️4% automatic burn
☄️4% to marketing wallet in BNB
☄️1% to Utility development wallet in BNB

💰Max Buy and Max Sell
☄️Max buy 0.5% of the supply
☄️Max sell 0.1% of the supply

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Advar Protocol

Advanced Research Protocol (ADVAR) is an innovative ecosystem of decentralized finance tools and applications.