• name
  • symbol
  • total supply -decimals
  • bnb in liquidity
  • tokens in liquidity
  • tokens outside liquidity
  • token price
  • marketcap
  • marketcap/price impact
  • rug pull impact
  • total holders count
  • transaction last hours
  • check verified contract
  • custom-anti honeypot checks if contract is verified
  • honeyscan on-chain
  • custom transaction that buy, approve and sell in less then 0.5 sec
  • buy gas fee
  • sell gas fee
  • buy tax
  • sell tax
  • report any error about custom transaction
  • minting functions
  • Better detection of late honeypot functions (a lot)
  • Bot now detect if the owner can lock the trades
  • better detect for new rebase models
  • added dogecola, guh & gravitoken model detection



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Advar Protocol

Advar Protocol

Advanced Research Protocol (ADVAR) is an innovative ecosystem of decentralized finance tools and applications.