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3 min readOct 22, 2021
Advar Contract Scanner

Advar Contract Scanner is an automatic smart contract auditor. It reads the codes behind the smart contract and scans for hidden and malicious codes that seek to rip investors of their hard-earned money. It helps investors “DYOR” before investing in a token by equipping them with relevant information about a token and letting them know if a token is a potential scam token, a rug pull, honeypot, or a legit token.

Advar Contract Scanner is a teaser, a fore-shadow of Advar Multichain Contract Scanner.

Advar Contract Scanner is able to scan all smart contracts on the Binance Smart Chain. The good news is that it is free and can be used by everybody and everywhere in the crypto space. The Multichain Contract Scanner will be integrated into our Web 3.0 platform or dapps and will require a user to hold Advar Tokens to be able to access certain premium features.

Advar Contract Scanner is a Telegram bot and can be integrated into Telegram groups by interacting with @ADVAR_contract_scanner_bot. Our contract scanner searches for the latest known scam codes, functions and exploits, and compiles a bite-sized report on the contract.

There are two commands that can be run on the bot:

/c -Contract Scan [use this command for a complete scan of a smart contract on BSC] Example: /c 0xc0000EDEFB0C0C000de0d0c00BfF00ab000000B0

/cc -Honeypot Scan [use this command to test buy, approve and selling a token]. Example: /cc 0xc0000EDEFB0C0C000de0d0c00BfF00ab000000B0

How to use the ADVAR Contract Scanner

  1. Go to @ADVAR_contract_scanner_bot or you can search for Advar Contract Scanner on Telegram
  2. Type /start and send
  3. Copy the contract address of the token you want to scan
  4. In Advar Contract Scanner bot chatbox, type /c, and a single space and paste the contract address of the token and send

Example: /c 0xc0000EDEFB0C0C000de0d0c00BfF00ab000000B0

4. Wait for a few seconds for the Scanner to do its magic.

5. Peruse and digest the Scan Report generated by Advar Contract Scanner and make an informed decision as to whether to invest in the token or stay away from potential scam tokens and rug pulls.

Find below the updated scan parameters of the innovative Advar Contract Scanner.

Scan Parameters

  • name
    -total supply
    -bnb in liquidity
    -tokens in liquidity
    -tokens outside liquidity
    -token price
    -market cap
    -market cap/price impact
    -rug pull impact
    -total holders count
    -transaction last hours
    -check verified contract
    -custom-anti honeypot checks if the contract is verified
    -honey scan on-chain
    -custom transaction that buys, approve and sell in less than 0.5 sec
    -buy gas fee
    -sell gas fee
    -buy tax
    -sell tax
    -report any error about custom transaction
    -minting functions
    - Better detection of late honeypot functions
    - Bot now detect if the owner can lock the trades
    - better detect for new rebase models
    - added dogecola, guh & gravitoken model detection
Screenshots of Advar Contract Scanner in action: A simple walkthrough

It should however be noted that the beta version of the Advar Contract Scanner will not be updated anymore. This will give us ample time to focus on the Multichain Contract Scanner.

Don’t forget to scan with Advar Contract Scanner before you buy any token on the Binance Smart Chain.

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