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Advar Protocol holds different AMAs (Ask Me Anything) to educate the crypto community about its project. We were thrilled to participate in an AMA with one of our partners, the Pink Ecosystem community. Advar Protocol’s presale will be hosted on PinkSale on 15th October 2021 at 14:00 UTC.

On 11th October 2021 at 19:00 UTC, Advar Protocol’s Clayford and Benita went on the Pink Ecosystem Telegram Community Page to answer all questions about Advar Protocol’s ecosystem.

Keep reading for all the amazing questions asked by the Pink Ecosystem community.

Questions from Pink Sale Host

Seano | Pinksale: Welcome to the Advar Protocol AMA. My name is Seano, the host of today’s AMA on behalf of the Pink Sale team of the Pink Ecosystem. With us today, are Benita and Clayford from Advar Protocol. Let’s kick off this AMA with a bit of introduction on Advar Protocol and their team.

Clayford| Advar: I am Clayford and with me is Benita. The Advar Protocol is an innovative ecosystem of decentralized financial tools and dapps. The ADVAR in Advar Protocol stands for Advanced Research thus Advanced Research (ADVAR) Protocol. One major aim of Advar Protocol is to maximize security for crypto investors. We’re very excited about what we’re doing to get rid of scams, honeypots and rug pulls in the crypto space. This project started about six months ago. Our initial project was the Advar Rug scanner which we promised our community that we will deliver before starting a Private sale, Presale, and launching our tokens. This innovative contract scanner is helping a lot of people in the space by protecting investors from scams, rug pulls, and honeypots. It helps a user “DYOR” before investing in any token on the Binance Smart Chain. Other utilities of Advar Protocol will be elaborated on as the AMA unfolds.

Benita | Advar: My name is Benita. I have been in the crypto space for about two years. I got to know about Advar Protocol through an AMA in the early stages of the project. I fell in love with the project and its aim. I also loved how the DEV listens to the community. I currently work with Advar Protocol as a community moderator.

Seano | Pinksale: That’s cool. And like Clayford said previously, it took six months’ worth of planning. You can tell, this is not a shit coin because shit coins take one minute of planning. Congratulations on that.

What services will Advar Protocol offer to its customers, clients, and potential investors?

Clayford| Advar: Advar Protocol as an ecosystem offers an automatic Multichain contract scanner, Advar CrosschainSwap, an NFT marketplace, and a Launchpad. In the nearest future, we will be delving into contract auditing for new projects and build other revolutionary dapps like Bulk Token Sender and Token Creator.

Our Multichain contract scanner will be able to scan smart contracts across multiple chains like Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Avax, Tron, and other popular chains. It will take some time to develop but our development team is up to the task and has promised to deliver it on time and bug-free. To be able to use the Multichain scanner which will be integrated into a Web 3.0 platform, you have to hold a couple of Advar tokens. The beta version of the contract scanner is currently available for use by the public as a Telegram bot and can only be used to scan contracts on the Binance Smart Chain.

We are building AdvarSwap which is a cross-chain swap. It should be ready in the next two weeks. Our launchpad will feature projects with relevant use cases and ensure that their contracts are well-audited and verified using our comprehensive tools. We also building an NFT marketplace that will feature blue chips and enable artists to mint their artworks on the blockchain as NFTs and sell them. We are here to stay and ensure that the crypto space is safe for every investor.

Seano | Pinksale: Can you give us a more in-depth rundown of the roadmap of Advar Protocol?

Clayford| Advar: It’s kind of a complex task now because we’re still working on it but I can assure the community that we deliver on our promises. Our AdvarSwap will be available two weeks after launch. Our multichain contract scanner will take a bit of time and testing. However, in Q4 of 2021, our community and the entire crypto space should expect the beta versions of our major products or dapps.

Seano | Pinksale: One of the main questions people tend to ask in AMAs is about partnership. Has Advar actively made any or many partnerships at the moment or is it something you will look for in the future?

Clayford| Advar: We’ve made a couple of partnerships with Telegram Crypto groups and we’re still making partnerships with projects whose goals align with us. One such partnership is with the Pink Ecosystem. PinkSale will host our presale on 15th November 2021. We are open to partnerships if you believe in our project and our cause.

Seano | Pinksale: Your website has cool colors and I love the design. Can you run us through the token distribution metrics, tokenomics, and how you came to those decisions?

Clayford| Advar: There’s been a couple of changes on the metrics of Advar Protocol. We will update the website very soon together with our updated whitepaper. The initial tokenomics was a buy tax of 12% and sell tax of 18% but we listened to our community and reduced it to a 5% buy tax and 15% sell tax. So for the buy tax, 5% will go to liquidity and for the selling tax, it’s 5% to liquidity, 3% manual buyback wallet (buyback and burn tokens upon set milestones), 3% reflection or distribution to holders, and 4% to marketing wallet(in BNB). Total Advar token supply will be 1 billion or 1,000,000,00 with no minting feature. 40% of token supply allocated to Pancakeswap listing, 12% to Private sale, 8% to Presale, 5% Marketing wallet, 5% Promotion and Airdrop, 5% Team Wallet, 5% Development wallet, 5% Advisors and Partners, and 15% reserved for Milestones burns.

Seano | Pinksale: Are you KYCed and have you been audited?

Clayford| Advar: We’ve KYCed and doxxed to Desert Finance, Pink Ecosystem, and a couple of crypto influencers. Our contract has also been audited by Desert Finance and we will have another audit after launch.

Seano | Pinksale: When does your presale start? What are the hard cap, minimum and maximum buys, and the duration?

Clayford| Advar: Our presale will be on PinkSale on the 15th November 2021 at 14:00 UTC and I don’t think it will last for long. We will then launch Advar Protocol 24 hours after the presale. The soft cap is 180 BNB and the hard cap is 300 BNB. We’ve already started a whitelist competition on Sweepwidget and we’ve received a lot of impressions. Our whitelist is still open with over 500 whitelist spots to be won. The minimum buy is 0.1 BNB and the maximum buy will be 2 BNB.

Questions from the Community

Q1: Is the scanner available for use now and is there a fee?

Benita | Advar: Advar Protocol is here to stay with a working product. Advar Rug Scanner for BSC is out and can be used to scan contracts. There is no fee to use the bot. It can also be integrated as a bot into Telegram group pages. We are out for the safety of the crypto space.

Q2: What are the key products of Advar Protocol and how do they benefit the users of the ecosystem.

Clayford| Advar: AdvarSwap, NFT Marketplace, Multichain contract scanner, and Launchpad. They collectively work together to ensure the security of funds for investors.

Q3: How will your scanner detect new variants of rug pulling and slow draining of liquidity pools by DEVs?

Clayford| Advar: Our scanner can detect potential minting feature in a contract ( this enable the DEV to mint more tokens)and rebase token models. The scanner detects delay rug pulls, honeypot codes and also gives you information about the number of tokens. The scanner will continue to evolve to stay ahead of scammers and unscrupulous DEVs.

Q4: A project is nothing without a good community. What are the strategies you’ve put into place to develop your community to ensure the success of this project?

Clayford| Advar: We’ve built a strong relationship with our community. We listen to their inputs and respond to their queries promptly. We also deliver ours on promises. We have a Partners Group for people who participated in our private sale.

Q5: Can you still buy the presale if you’re not whitelisted?

Clayford| Advar: The whitelist competition is not over. You can still fill it to win a spot. The presale on PinkSale will first be open to whitelisted addresses within the first minutes and if not filled (which is very unlikely); it might be open to the general public. If you’re unable to buy a presale, don’t worry about it, you can equally buy at launch since the presale and listing price is the same.

Seano | Pinksale: That pretty much wraps up the Advar Protocol’s AMA. On behalf of Pink Sale, I will like to thank everybody for attending this AMA and asking questions. Good luck to Advar Protocol and thanks once again for choosing PinkSale for your presale.

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