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In this AMA Recap, we will try to summarize the most interesting points for you.

Sarah |Queen of BSC: So we have the ADVAR team on here for voice chat. Could you guys just give us a quick intro?
Clayford: I am Clayford, the CEO of ADVAR Protocol.

Sarah | Queen of BSC: Could you just give us a brief of your project? What is Advar Protocol?
Clayford: ADVAR Protocol stands for Advanced Research Protocol. It’s an innovative ecosystem of decentralized financial tools and applications. The ADVAR ecosystem aims to maximize security of funds for investors. That's the major use case or utility for the token but there are couple of others that we will build including an NFT Marketplace and crosschain dapps.
Sarah | Queen of BSC: Thank you. How does your tokenomics look like?

Community Lead | ADVAR : The initial plan was for a 12% buy tax and 18% sell tax but currently we’ve had a second thought. We are changing it to 5% buy tax and 15% sell tax. It has not been implemented yet in our white paper but soon it will be. So for the buy tax, 5% will go liquidity and for the sell tax, it’s 5% to liquidity, 3% manual buyback wallet, 3% reflection or distribution to holders and 4% to marketing wallet.
Clayford: We have this buyback mechanism in the sell tax that’s why it has raised the sell tax a bit high. The buyback mechanism will be controlled manually to prevent automatic manipulation of it. The tokens that will be bought back will be sent to a burn address and burnt forever. 40% of token supply allocated to Pancakeswap listing, 12% to Private sale, 8% to Presale, 5% Marketing wallet,5% Promotion and Airdrop, 5% Team Wallet, 5% Development wallet, 5% Advisors and Partners and 15% reserved for Milestones burns. It is subject to change and we will finalize our tokenomics when we’re close to launch. We will take inputs from the community and come up with the best tokenomics that will help the project and its community
Sarah | Queen of BSC: What problems are you trying to solve and how does that affect everyday people?
Clayford: Crypto has become hub for scammers and looters of late. Everybody can just copy a contract, create a token and then hide behind a computer to scam people. Others even doxx but ends up rug pulling. They hide behind the code and smart contract and so long as people cannot read the code, they create honeypot tokens, slow rug or rug pull. That’s what the team noticed and we decided to do something about. Our initial project is the ADVAR Multichain Rug Scanner. The ADVAR Rug Scanner is able to detect a lot features of smart contract including the minting feature, rug pulls codes and other hidden malicious code designed to rip off an investor. And that’s not the end, we are building a cross chain contract scanner which will be able scan contracts across multiple chains like BSC, Solana, Matic, Ethereum and so on. Our beta version of ADVAR Contract Scanner which scans contract on BSC is free to use but the Multichain contract scanner won’t be. You will need to hold some ADVAR tokens before you can access the Multichain scanner.

Sarah | Queen of BSC: Alright, thank you for that. I was just thinking, did you say we need to hodl your token, ADVAR to be able to use the Rug Scanner or are you guys taking it to mainstream?
Clayford: The beta version of ADVAR rug scanner is free to use for everybody and can be integrated into Telegram groups. We are building a bot for our Crosschain or Multichain contract scanner and that will be integrated into WEB 3.0 platform or dapp and you have to hold some ADVAR tokens to access some functionality of the dapps. This will cause an organic demand of the token and also provide funds for upgrades of the contract scanner and future development of other decentralized applications. It also gives the holders of ADVAR Protocol tokens a reason to hodl for long term.
This is not the only use case of the token. We are also building a launchpad and NFT marketplace. ADVAR will be the native token of this ecosystem.
Sarah | Queen of BSC: In regards to competitors, do you guys have something that makes you exclusively different from others?
Clayford: Okay, thank you very much. Well, we are not looking at our competitors. We don’t want to focus on them. What we are trying to build with ADVAR Protocol is going to be unique and we’re trying not to compete with anyone. We are going to be a step ahead of our competitors and continue developing and improving our projects.

Sarah | Queen of BSC: In terms of security and transparency, how can you guys assure that your security is strong enough? Will you guys be audited as well?
Clayford: We have gone through our first audit with Dessert Finance and that’s not going to be the end. We are doxxed to Dessert Finance and a couple of influencers as well. The auditing report attested that there is no manipulation in the contract. Right after we launch, we are going to have a couple of audits and in the future will have an audit with a big firm. Thank you
Sarah | Queen of BSC: Alright, thanks for that. I think it’s very important for the audit part since you guys are trying to protect investors from rug projects as well. So, for you guys to actually get audited, it’s very good.
Clayford: One more thing Sarah, is that in the nearest future we will go into auditing of contracts as well. We will provide auditing services for new projects.
Sarah | Queen of BSC: Are you guys building other products as well or is it just the Rug scanner and the auditing services?
Clayford: Let me talk about our use cases. I have talked about the multichain contract scanner we are building to scan smart contracts across multiple chains like Ethereum, Solana, Matic, Pollkadot etc and give detailed analysis of the contract. Apart from that, we are building an NFT marketplace where artists can design, upload and sell their NFTs. We will have a launchpad, a token creator and crosschain swap. People will have to use the native token ADVAR Protocol to get access to these financial dapps and tools.
Sarah | Queen of BSC: Alright, perfect! Thanks. Lets see. We are going to marketing. How are you guys going to market the project, what’s the approach?
Clayford: One of our team member from UK is in charge of marketing but unfortunately, he is not on the call. He is well-versed and experienced in that area. He’s got a lot of links to influencers and fast-tracking of Coinmarketcap and Coingecko listings, dex tools marketing. I think marketing is one thing that will distinguish us from a couple of projects. We will make a lot of waves so we will make sure that we do the right kind of marketing that will increase the awareness of the project.
Sarah | Queen of BSC: Alright, perfect! Thanks. What can we expect from you guys this year and beyond? Do you have a lot of future plans?
Clayford: Sure, we have a lot of future plans. What I can tell the community is that, they shouldn’t just expect a moonshot. We are not trying to build a pump and dump project. Our focus is not really on how much people are going to earn or how the project is going to pump in the short term. Our main focus is on the product we are trying to deliver to the cryptospace to help them DYOR before investing into projects. The current cryptospace is disheartening with lot of rug pulls and honeypots happening every second. You can’t even sleep after buying into a project cause you’re scared. We at ADVAR are taking bold steps to ensure investors DYOR with the right tools before investing.
Sarah | Queen of BSC: Looking at your roadmap, Q4 is when you guys are looking into building the Rug scanner. Is that correct? Do you guys have your own developers or you’re outsourcing?
Clayford: That’s correct, Development of the Cross Rug scanner is in the Q4 of our roadmap. We have our own developers, we have about four developers working on the project. One from Hong Kong, two from Russia and one from India.
Sarah | Queen of BSC: Alright, perfect! Lets see. Is there something you want to add? I was thinking of opening the floor for questions from the community.
Clayford: I just wanna tell people to support, help us, sell us, tell others about ADVAR Protocol. That’s all we need from people. We are forming a formidable community around ADVAR protocol and I entreat them to be part. We are very transparent with our community members. They should also use the beta version of the rug scanner to scan contracts on Binance Smart Chain before purchasing them.

Questions from the community

Q1: What is the hardcap for the presale and where are you looking to have the presale like DXsale or you looking at other alternatives like Pinksale and what’s the max contribution?
Clayford: Okay. Thank you very much. We have considered a couple of things in regards to where we want to have our presale. We chose Pinksale and we will be having an AMA with them. We think our goals align and they will help us with what we are trying to achieve. So our Presale will be on Pinksale. The hard cap is 200 BNB.
Q2: When are you guys launching?
Clayford: As it stands now, we will have our presale on Pinksale on 11th October, 2021. Once we’re done with presale, we gonna launch within 24hrs.
Q3: How far are you guys with the ADVAR Scanner? How far with works on the cross chain scanner?
Clayford: We started developing on the Cross chain contract scanner today. The beta version of the ADVAR Rug scanner is available for use as a bot and can be used to scan contract only on the Binance smart chain.
Q4:In recent times, projects have been attacked by bots. Do you have any measures in place to protect against bot attack?
Clayford: We are very much aware of that and that’s why we will be holding our presale on Pinksale and we gonna use a whitelist. Unless you’re whitelisted, you can’t have access in the Presale. You can’t sell more than 0.5% of the token supply at ago. These are the measures we have put in place against bot attacks.
Q5: For the average person, how easy will it be to use the ADVAR Rug scanner when its fully available?
Clayford: Advar Cross chain Scanner will be very easy to use. Just visit our dapp or Web3 platform, paste the contract and click on scan. Voila!, you are done and the scanner will you give you an output.
Q6: What was the reason for lowering of the sell tax?
Clayford: We had a dialogue with our community and decided to reduce it. Our contract is designed in such a way that marketing wallet will be in BNB so that we don’t sell ADVAR tokens for marketing.
Sarah | Queen of BSC: Thank you for joining us for this AMA. Your project has a wonderful use case. Wishing you all the best.

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Advanced Research Protocol (ADVAR) is an innovative ecosystem of decentralized finance tools and applications.